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SELECTED Studio Candle Collection | Edition No. 01
SELECTED Studio Candle Collection | Edition No. 01
SELECTED Studio Candle Collection | Edition No. 01

Studio Candle Collection | Edition No. 01




All three candles from the collection in the studio (10oz) size. Candles include LORE, LUCID and REVERB scents.

LORE candle →

A warmly spiced, smokey clove aroma accented by a slight hint of coffee.

CLOVE — primary notes of smokiness, wood and spice

COFFEE — a very light hint of Robusta coffee beans added as a secondary note

LUCID candle →

Cleanse your space with a smudge-inspired candle. It's earthy and herbaceous paired with a pencil wood scent.

CLARY SAGE — coniferous yet earthy, herbaceous and slightly floral 
CEDARWOOD — rooted in smoky wood with a sharp pencil scent

REVERB candle 

Rosemary, rosemary and more rosemary. No additions, no substitutions. Just pure, organic rosemary.

ROSEMARY — A fresh scent that's herbaceous with medicinal camphor notes and slightly woody

Studio Size Candles

Designed to fill a studio space or small room with herb scents.
size: 10oz
personal burn time: approx. 60 hours

— 10oz candle with Blue Pine wooden base
— packaged with a biodegradable black cotton ribbon

Candles Formulated with

• Coconut wax with a 10% of soy and palm wax
• Clove leaf essential oil — origin: India
• Coffee essential oil — origin: Brazil
• Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) essential oil — origin: China, India
• Cedarwood (Juniperus ashei) essential oil — origin: USA
• Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil) — origin: Spain
• Hemp-cored, unbleached cotton wick — natural and untreated
• Watermarked scent label — compostable
• Vintage recycled glassware 
• Blue Pine wooden base — sustainably harvested
• Recycled paper manufactured by wind power
• Black cotton ribbon — biodegradable


Giving Back

20% of profits from this candle is donated to to help fund renewable energy grants and projects.


*Note: LORE is not a coffee candle. The primary notes come from the clove essential oil. The coffee scent is lightly hinted.