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An Eco-Friendly Candle Studio

Sustainability & Minimalism

An all-natural candle line — minimalistic by design and committed to sustainability.

Herb Hapa is handcrafting essential oil candles while being eco-conscious and keeping the integrity of a designer line.

The studio has reduced materials and sourced only natural or recycled content. So, each candle is hand poured with essential oils + coconut wax into vintage-inspired recycled glassware and hand labeled with compostable watermarks.

Origin Story →

The Herb Hapa story is all about creating a simple candle design.

"I'm not into making sub-quality crafts. This is actually the first of my projects that I've opened up for public purchase. So, the design's aesthetic and composition are very personal. I have a relationship with it and want to invite others to enjoy this connection, too." —Kat, Herb Hapa founder and maker


Minimalist by Design

No excessive packaging or labeling. 

Shipments are protected by post-consumer, recyclable and  compostable materials.

The watermark labels and minimal packaging are designed to be non-intrusive. So, you can fully appreciate the natural elements of your candle. 

Recycled glassware

All of the glassware used is 100% recycled. 

The glass has a unique hammered texture that is vintage inspired and almost like Gothic stained glass. It's stunning in the natural light and while the candle is burning.

Plus, the glassware is reusable. Simply wash after the candle has burned down and repurpose it as a drinking glass, vase, terrarium or whatever fits your space. 

If you'd rather recycle it, okay. Do that. Just rinse and peel the biodegradable labels off.

Blue Pine Wooden Bases

Made from sustainable wood.

The Blue Pine candle base has many uses. It's a dust cover for the studio-sized candle. It's a solid base to place your candle on. It's a coaster when you need one. It could even be a frisbee. 

The Blue Pine, also known as Beetle Kill Pine, is sustainably harvested from the forest floor. A small business in Colorado is making these bases for Herb Hapa, and by special request, no lacquer has been added. So, it's just natural Blue Pine wood.

Natural Wax, Oils and Wicks

Coconut Wax

Each candle is made from coconut wax blended with 10% soy and palm waxes. They're all natural and never contain paraffin. 

100% Essential Oils

Herb Hapa handcrafts scented candles with only essential oils and they're specifically designed to emphasize herbal aromas. So, you'll find strong notes of herbs like sage, clove and rosemary in the candles rather than sweeter scents.

Natural Wicks

Working with hemp, cotton and sometimes wood, the wicks selected for each candle collection are unbleached, untreated and completely natural. Hemp-cored cotton wicks were selected for the candles in Edition No. 01.

Biodegradable Labels & Ribbon

Cotton Ribbon

To package the candles, Herb Hapa selected simple black cotton ribbon that naturally biodegrades and is created by a small business in Wisconsin. The ribbon is made with cotton yarn, water-soluble adhesive from bovine collagen (non-vegan) and water-based dyes.

Compostable Labels

As a simple scent reminder, the watermarked labels on the sides of the glassware are easily removed with warm soapy water and completely biodegradable. The bottom label and shipping labels are also printed on compostable stickers.

Coming Full Circle

Yes, it's true — creating these eco-crafted candles involves finding natural ingredients and ways to reduce resources, but Herb Hapa takes its sustainability mission to the next level by creating a full give-and-take circle with a solid giving back program. 

To begin, 20% of Edition No. 01 is donated to renewable energy projects through That means buying a candle lets you enjoy and use natural resources in more than one way.

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