This project has been discontinued. Thanks for your support in the past year. It's been great.

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Giving Back to Renewable Energy

Making donations to organizations supporting renewable energy research and projects

When choosing an organization to receive a portion of candle profits, Herb Hapa selects the best way to bring wind, water and solar power to communities and neighborhoods. It's about supporting people and being sustainable at the ground level, rather than depending on a larger corporation or company to make it possible. 

Each candle collection, also known as editions, will benefit a different organization or research institution.

20% of profits from the Edition No. 01 candle collection will be donated directly to The Solutions Project — a non-profit organization helping to fund renewable energy projects.

Their 100% Clean Energy campaign aims to create a sustainable lifestyle for everyone across America and throughout the world with renewable energy resources accessible at the community level.

They also provide grants to community-based organizations working to help neighborhoods transition to wind, water and sun power.

You can learn more about this non-profit at


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Commitment to Sustainability

Herb Hapa is committed to being an eco-friendly and sustainable studio. That means the candles are naturally sourced and there is a conscious effort to eliminate waste. 

Sustainability is the core value of this small biz and will always be the first thing considered when designing new eco-crafted candles.