This project has been discontinued. Thanks for your support in the past year. It's been great.

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Designing a simple candle

Handcrafted & Eco-Friendly

Herb Hapa handcrafts essential oil candles that are all natural & eco-friendly — specializing in herb scents and supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Every part of the design is handmade by the founder, too.

Simplicity is key
Each candle is eco-crafted — meaning handcrafted with the environment in mind — with 100% pure essential oils, natural coconut wax and recycled or biodegradable contents. Plus, this small business gives back to renewable energy research and projects. It's a complete circle of give and take.


The Integrity of a Designer Candle

→ Natural & Herb Scents

Working with pure essential oils and natural materials, all of the candles are designed with primary notes of herb scents, rather than sweeter smells. Here's what in your candle:

• coconut wax
• a 10% blend of soy and palm wax
• pure essential oils
• hemp-cored cotton wicks that are unbleached and untreated
There are no added dyes or fragrances. Everything is natural enough to handcraft without wearing gloves. 

→ Handcrafted in Small Batches

There's an art to hand pouring candles in small batches. From prepping the wicks and glassware to formulating essential oils ratios, all parts of the process are handled by human hands—Kat's hands actually. So, each candle is cared for with a personal intention and attention to detail.

Making candles in small batches also allows for custom requests and personalized orders.


→ Minimalist by Design

Herb Hapa creates eco-friendly candles with a designer aesthetic through minimalism. Unnecessary packaging has been eliminated. Watermarked labels are placed on the candles to remind you of the scent without distracting from the vintage-inspired hammered glassware. And, everything — from the candle to shipping materials — is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. It's beautifully simplistic.

Choosing sustainability and minimalism will always be a primary focus of the candle studio.


Giving Back to Renewable Energy

To complete the circle of give and take, each eco-crafted candle helps fund a renewable energy project. It's all about giving back as a small business. 

20% of the Edition No. 01 collection will be donated to They're a non-profit organization with a mission to make 100% clean energy a possibility through business, science, culture and community.


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A quick note from Kat

Sounds and scents are what make up my spaces. They’re the most memorable part of each day. My intention with this project is to help others create their own spaces — without junking it up — and support a bigger cause at the same time.

Thanks for checking out Herb Hapa. I’ll be sharing more of the story on Instagram as it continues to grow: @herbhapa.


Kat Hanner, founder of Herb Hapa

Edition No. 01

The first Herb Hapa collection with three candle scents. Enjoy natural herb scents from sage to rosemary essential oils infused in coconut wax.


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